We are a company with an established position in the market, our production experience dates back to the 60s when the company was founded. In the beginning was manufacturing metal office supplies over the years to adapt to market needs to produce household appliances, products for the automotive, furniture, construction and advertising industry.

Our years of experience and the use of modern technology allows us to design, manufacture products and provide services satisfactory domestic and foreign customers.

Projects are made in CAD 2D and 3D.

We have a wide range of machinery for cutting, bending, CNC sheet metal, pipes.

We use modern methods of welding and cutting MIG, MAG, TIG or plasma, laser.

We execute orders in processing steel, stainless steel and acid-resistant steel and aluminum. As a finish we use powder coating, galvanizing and galvanizing, nickel and chrome plating, anodizing. We execute orders for domestic and foreign companies and individual clients.

Service offer

  • ⋄ design of CAD 2D and 3D
  • ⋄ cutting sheet metal CNC punching, plasma and laser
  • ⋄ cutting of tubes and profiles
  • ⋄ sheet metal bending on CNC press brakes
  • ⋄ bending of profiles and tubes for hydraulic benders and three roll bending machine
  • ⋄ stud welding, spot welding metal
  • ⋄ welding steel, stainless steel and steel
  • ⋄ finishing surface by grinding, sandblasting, shot blasting
  • ⋄ powder painting

Product offer

  • ⋄ elements of cut and bent sheet metal
  • ⋄ constructions of profiles and pipes
  • ⋄ elements of machines and equipment
  • ⋄ advertising stands, pylons and structures under the banners
  • ⋄ parts, machine parts and equipment
  • ⋄ metal enclosures, Internet kiosks with sheets
  • ⋄ railings and fences, steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • ⋄ metal furniture
  • ⋄ many, many other products - try to ask - answer, design, we execute